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The US is not special here. Just ridiculously antiquated. In most (all?) states that have varying tax rates, the rate depends on the location of delivery, not the location of the purchase.And then you get weird rules like Florida. He is dismantling our public schools and is trying to privatize prisons. He is rolling back […]

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I not saying canada goose leeds uk that Xbox is good or that

We have a certain staff member that like to “reply all” to district and building emails (you know the one every single district email gets a “thanks!” or “great to hear” so everyone’s phone goes off a million times). The big drama at our school this year is the snarky teacher that attached a “reply […]

I recently ordered this item from a review that I seen

Snuggling and kissing can be amorous, affectionate, and everything in between. The experience of snuggling can even move seamlessly from one end of the affectionate sexy spectrum to the other within one snuggling session. There’s no hierarchy with kissing and snuggling. fleshlight toy “The president enjoys picking fights with people of color. That is a […]

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He said the cost would be closer to $800 per year

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