(MTV) Lock up the liquor cabinet and hide the self tanner:

But if you want to stick to logistics and “troop strength,” remind them that every large city in America leans heavily leftward politically. Leaving aside the certainty that places like NYC, Chicago, Atlanta wholesale jerseys, or Dallas are sophisticated and intricately woven hubs of humanity that could never be fully controlled by the military through violence or coercion, cities are the batteries that drive the American economy. If they were to sever themselves economically from the hinterlands, what military solution could possibly bring them back online? The American military wasn competent enough to win and hold Fallujah; they would stand no chance in Boston, short of nuking it, which would, of course, make them international pariahs, world historical villains of the first order..

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(Getty Images Inset: Cafe Press )more pics Maybe just get her parenting classes. (MTV) Lock up the liquor cabinet and hide the self tanner: Jersey Shore is adding a new member to the family. After a month of denying rumors that she was expecting, the truth is out Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant..

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